Welcome to my home page.  My name is Meaghan Murphy and I am a Fascial Stretch Specialist, Personal Trainer and Swim Coach serving the North Jersey/Tri-State Area.  I'm known to be a bit cheeky with my straight forward, encouraging common-sense.

My philosophy: It's not about one thing, it's about everything. It's about movement integrity and emotional well-being.  It's recognizing that the mind and body are inherently, intensely and beautifully connected - at all times.

beach-677124_1280I provide a goal-oriented approach of connecting stretching and strength training with functional movement to improve athletic performance,  training recovery and simply help people reduce pain and discomfort.

It's about helping you achieve your greatest physical potential. Reduce pain. Improve movement.

Please explore my site and feel free to check out my blog.   I would love to hear from you and share the healing powers of fascial stretching. Call today to schedule your first appointment.

Mention my website and receive 10% off your first session!


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