Life Lessons Lost in College

It’s 5:30 am and my alarm clock may as well be mack truck running over my brain.  As I hurl my alarm across the room (the alarm being my cellphone), I think to myself….

“I so wish I was still in college…I would totally sleep through my 8 am class….”

……..and my brain wanders back into a happy place between ZZZs, that alarm, and being 22 again….for 25 minutes.  Leaving me in a heart-stopping-panic feeling of never-mind-breakfast-get-on-the-road situation.  Ugh.  I hate being a grown-up!

Sound familiar?


alarm clock, bought from IKEA

alarm clock, bought from IKEA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I Learned a lot of lessons before I went to College….  

My Mother taught me:

  • How to be responsible.
  • That I could not blame things on my twin sister
      • (I tried, believe me…but it never worked).
  •  To Always commit 100% and follow through until the end.
      • Doing anything 1/2 way is just lazy
  • That time-management skills are important!
  •  That a mid-day nap can prevent insanity

My swim coach taught me:

  • That late was never an option.
      • If you were late, you didn’t swim.  Literally.  In the mornings He would lock the doors to YMCA because of safety reasons.
  • That simply showing up wasn’t enough.
      • Drifting through a practice was a waste of time and it was not tolerated.
  • “Swimming fast is easy, Folks! Do the work. Get the job done!” 

    I Surrender!

…….And then I went away to College!…… 

Ha Ha

Where I learned:

  • Sleeping through class is fine – just make it up later.
      • When in doubt, a doctors note will work.
  • Procrastination is the only way to really write papers.
  • In classes like P.Chem, D is for Diploma!
      • Showing up to class is enough to get a passing grade.
  • You can cover-up a poorly completed assignment with fancy language!
  • As long as you “try,” you’ve worked hard enough.


What is that classic phrase?  “Just give it the good-‘ole college try!”?

Ever notice that when you “try” to do something…. it usually never gets done?


To be clear, I am not against higher education.  I hold an undergraduate degree and  two graduate degrees.  However, not all of life’s important lessons take place in a classroom.   I never received an “A+” after completing a workout set, but I love that sense of accomplishment!  I never “flunked” a test on taking a nap, but I think my mom was onto something with that who sanity thing…

I learned the most important life lessons from my Mom and my Swim Coach.  What about you?


Keep on Swimming,

Coach Meg

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