Coach Meg’s Anti-Resolutions, Dryland and Pilates

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Published on: December 28, 2012

It's that time of year again!  It's the Post-Christmas, but Pre-New Years Eve lull.  At this point in time, We've made it through the rush of the Holiday Season and are heading full-force into New Years Eve...

So, here's my main question:  Have you thought up a resolution yet?


Good.  Join the Club.

I am not fan of resolutions.  Truth be told, they rarely stick and all they really end up doing is causing people to feel sorry about themselves.  I speak from experience.  Trust me.  For about 4 years, "Quitting smoking" was my favorite resolution go-to.  Mid-night would come and, within a few hours later, I already had my resolution ready for the NEXT New Years Eve!  I eventually quit for good (now almost 3 years ago).....but it wasn't because a date changed on the calendar.

Rather then drone on-and-on about great resolutions you should make concerning your training, yourself as a human-being, your life or...insert any other lofty idea.... I'm just going to spend the next few days sharing simple things you can do everyday to make yourself stronger, healthier and a better swimmer.  I like to call these "Anti-Resolutions".

Today's Anti-Resolution:  Pilates

If you're like me, You've heard about the benefits of Pilates before, but you just can't bring yourself to do it....You don't have enough time...You don't have enough money..... [insert your choice of excuses here]

I'll keep this simple.  Pilates is all about spinal alignment, balance and a strong core.  All three of these things are important for swimmers!  You don't have to get all fancy to benefit from this form of conditioning.  Below are three simple exercises - with a corresponding YouTube video** demonstrating each move.  Give yourself a week or two to explore these exercises...see if you feel a difference.  If you do - keep exploring the wonderful world that is Pilates.  If you don't - Kudos for trying!

1. Flat Back Imprinting

(Not really a move - but good to practice and excellent for Streamlines!)

2. Spine Twist Supine (It's basic - but you can build on it!)

3. Pilates Chest Lift Exercise (Again - Basic...but great movement to learn)

Keep on Swimming,

Coach Meg

**I do not endorse the YouTube videos - I just simply liked watching them and feel the individual did a nice job demonstrating the move.


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