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Published on: June 28, 2015

Explaining what Fascia and Fascial Stretch Therapy  is can be challenging.  I've been asked if it is like a facial or if I'm going to put people on a rack and pull on both ends.  My general answer to this is "No."  But I'm always looking for articles that help describe this type of stretching and the connective tissue we call Fascia.

On June 27, Sarah Jamieson published an excellent article, Part 1: A Review of Fascial Stretch Therapy for Athletic Recovery In Runners,on the website for KeeneSense Personal Training.  Rather then try to re-invent the wheel, I would like to give a nod to the wonderful job she has done explaining what fascia is:

....Fascia is the connective tissue that permeates and envelops all structures of the body, essentially connecting them all together in one web like matrix.  Fascia extends from head to toe, front to back, inside to outside without interruption and is the most influential factor affecting your mobility, tissue extensibility and optimal joint range of motion. ....

How fascia can become unhealthy:

....Faulty movement patterns, poor postural habits, dehydration, stress form aging, over training; can all have a disastrous affect on this system, causing it to shorten, thicken and tighten (like “shrink-wrap”). Over time, the accumulation of these restrictions begins exerting abnormal pressure on joints, nerves, blood vessels and even organs and can create pain in seemingly unrelated areas of your body. It can create adhesions, contractures, stiff tissue.....

And what it is like to experience Fascial Stretch Therapy:

....Matthew Keen, owner of Keensense Personal Training and Fascial Stretch Therapy has been my go to FST guru for the past several months and I have noticed a great deal of difference in my tissue......Our sessions resemble a fluidly choreographed dance between the therapist and client working with your breath to ease into a gradual series of gentle, but deep stretching patterns. The experience is relaxing and pain-free and for me, was more like a movement meditation. Matt’s ability to map out the body and see the spiral patterns that are unseen by my eyes also offers me a deeper perspective on how I am holding my tension.....

You can check out the full article here and thank her for sharing her own experience. 🙂  If you live in or visit the Vancouver area, I highly suggest you check Keenesense out.  I know I will!

Keep on Swimming,

Coach Meg


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