Banish Foggy Goggles

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Published on: May 11, 2011
goggle girl Banish Foggy Goggles
No More Fog in My Goggle! YAY!

Goggles are a necessary and vital invention for swimmers.  We love them right?!

Until they start fogging up every 25 yards.

How. Annoying.

For years I swam through the frustration and simply accepted my half-blind existence in the water.  Until now.


Yup, you read that right.  Toothpaste is the answer to goggle fog. Leave it to my scuba-diving friends to provide the “duh” answer to my multiple years of irritated goggle-ness.  Scuba Divers have used this trick for years.  Fogging up when your miles below the surface is not an option.

There goes your reason for stopping mid-set icon smile Banish Foggy Goggles

Keep on swimming!

Coach Meg


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  1. Estef says:

    Yup Yup! Toothpaste it is :)
    I’m finally on your website Meg! Keep at it! its looking Great!
    BCC lifeguard

  2. Coach Meg says:

    Hey Stef!
    Great to hear from you. Shoot me an e-mail. I would love to know how your summer is going!
    - Coach Meg

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