The Benefits of Sticking with Drinking Water

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Published on: July 6, 2012
cadbury eggs The Benefits of Sticking with Drinking Water
As Coaches, we try so hard sometimes…. and are so easily misunderstood.


First.  I LOVE  It is one of the few websites that never fails to bring a smile to my face when I loose all hope in humanity…which happens from time to time.

As a coach and personal trainer, I am frequently asked about diet and nutrition….  I am just as frequently interrupted and immediately informed of what the inquisitive individual already believes and simply wanted me to hear.

I often feel like the above cartoon!

The other reason why I particularly like this cartoon is its depiction of sugar-laden drinks.  I mean, when you put the sugar content in soda as equivalent to two Cadbury eggs……. uh…. wow.

This cartoon reminds me of a change I recently made in my own life. 

A few weeks ago, I made the switch from constantly sipping on a sports-drinks or “vitamin-loaded” water  to straight-up, all-natural H20 between meals.  (Well, almost.  I make an exception for my morning coffee.  I need that to live.)

Why?  No earth shattering reason, I was simply concerned about my teeth and I wanted to protect them – and my wallet – against cavities.  So, my dentist suggested sticking with good ‘ol H20 between meals as a cheap and easy way to limit the daily amount of sugar I swished around my pearly whites.  

I figured reducing my daily sports-drink-intake wouldn’t be a such a bad idea….especially since, at $2.50 a bottle, I’d save almost $100.00 a month.

 Challenge Accepted.

The result? Well, it’s been two months and no new cavities to report.  Hooray! In addition, I’m also happy to report that my wallet is a bit fatter and I’ve dropped a few pounds.  Talk about an extra bonus!

As a health professional, I understand the power of small changes and this is no exception.  While I’m pleased with the result, I can’t help but wonder how much extra sugar I was taking in without even realizing it.  I guess this is just another one of the many benefits of drinking water.

So, my question to you is:

Have you looked at your daily water intake lately?


Keep on Swimming,

Coach Meg



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