Got A Hurricane Problem? Try this Dryland Workout at Home

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Published on: October 29, 2012


Greeting from New Jersey,

Where we can complete a dryland workout anytime, anywhere!

In case you didn't know - the majority of the North East is about to be hit with Hurricane Sandy and her side-kick: The FrankenStorm.

I'm guessing that countless swimmers and athletes will be without access to a pool or training facility for at least the next 24 - 48 hours.  While this is glorious news for many of my age-group swimmers, the adult athletes are more frustrated then ecstatic - with good reason.  Training and fitness takes hard work and dedication.  For newbies riding the high of the workout-momentum train-or those with carefully planned programs and big goals - a few days off can be a major set back.

Below is a basic dryland workout that can be completed at home with minimal equipment.  As always, your safety is most important and you should be following the recommended and necessary precautions determined by your local and state authorities.

Workout Focus:  Dryland Training Vs. Hurricane Sandy

Make sure that you are in a secure area that is free of debris or sharp corners.  Stay alert and aware of what is going on around you.  If you lose power - make sure you can create enough light to ensure your safety.  Do not use candles to light your and exercise don't mix.  Enlist a family member or friend to join you in your sweat session and to help you maintain proper form.  The "Examples" are some of the best videos I could find on YouTube.

Make it fun - you may be without power for some sweat and laugh and make the best of it!

Warm-up:  5 minutes of large muscle movements.  

Think Jumping Jacks, Running in Place, Jump Rope, Mountain Climbers...

Use your Imagination!  Just get your blood moving!

Part 1:    Squat Jumps -- 4 Sets of 5 Jumps!

Think Hips back and down!  Chest UP!


Part 2:   Three (3) Super Sets of Body Squats and Floor Pull-ups

3 x Through:

1 x 8 Body Squats - Think hips back and down!


1 x 8 Floor Pull-Ups - Use a secure table


Part 3: Five (5) Giant Sets of Rear Foot Elevated (RFE) Squats, Push-ups and SLDL

5 x Through:

1 x 6 RFE Squats (Repeat for Both Legs)


1 x 6 Push-ups


1 x 6 SLDL (Straight Leg Dead Lift)


Warm-Down:  Stretch, move and pat yourself on the Back


Stay safe, dry and take care of each other.  I will likely lose power tonight, so this may be my last post for a few days.

Until then....

Keep on Swimming,

Coach Meg


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