Swimming Workout Focus: Prepare for Long Course Season

Yup.  It’s that time again.

Spring is here and Summer is in sight…..meaning….

It is time to get ready for Long Course!

 Moving from a 25 yard/meter pool to one of Olympic size standards can be daunting.  One never really appreciates the middle flip-turn until it is no longer an option.  The best way to get the body ready for it’s rude awakening is to focus workouts on longer distance, breath control and the development of all 4 strokes.

The following workout totals 5400 yards/meters.

Those short on time should skip the transition drill set.

Workout Focus: Prepare for Long Course!


1 x 500 Freestyle/Choice Easy

2 x 200 IM Kick/Drill/Kick/Swim by 25, Rest :15

4 x 50 Free – Build speed, Rest :15

Transition/Drill Set

4 x 75 Backstroke (25 Right-side Kick, 25 Left-side Kick, 25 6-Kick switch), Rest:20s

4 x 75 Breaststroke (25 Br-pull w/fly kick, 25 Br-pull w/free kick, 25 swim), Rest: 20s

Main Set #1

1 x 300 Free, Breathing ev. 5th stoke

2 x 300 IM Swim/Kick/Swim by 25, Rest: 20s

6 x 50 Freestyle – Working streamline and kicking underwater, Rest: 10s

Kick Set

10 x 50 Butterfly Kick on Back, Hands in a streamline position,  Rest: 15s

Main Set #2

1 x 400 Free Breathing ev. 7

2 x 200 Free Breathing ev. 9,  Rest: 20s

4 x 100 Free Breathing ev. 7 and 9 by 25,  Rest: 20s


1 x 400 easy kick/swim by 50

Total: 5000 yards / meters


Keep on Swimming,

Coach Meg


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