Beginning Series: Where Fear Starts….


I’ll be honest…I don’t teach beginner swimmers by the book…. In fact, I may as well be the one who throws the book in the water!

I spent the first 10 years of teaching swimming in the same manner I learned in high school:

  1. Always progress from the shallow end too the deep end.
  2. Push the swimmer to gain confidence.
  3. If they have trouble with one skill move onto the next….

Sooner or later they’ll get it…right?…RIGHT???

Guess what…

This method does not work for Adults. Especially those petrified of the water.

Over the next few weeks we will explore some major differences in the adult and child student swimmer and how this radically effects the teaching process.

It will all come down to the two essential aspects of learning how to swim:

  1. the ability to relax and
  2. the ability to control breathing.


Just keep swimming,

Coach Meg


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