Workout Focus: Time Efficient Open Water Workout!

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Published on: March 27, 2012

I have a little over 4 months left before I join my 4-person relay on our swim AROUND the Island of Manhattan.  See my past post - Stepping Up to the Challenge - Manhattan Island Marathon Relay

As you can image, preparing myself for a dip in the East River is necessary because I find that a “pool is too constricting for my needs.” Kramer Reference?  Seinfeld? Anyone?


300px Manhattan from helicopter edit1 Workout Focus: Time Efficient Open Water Workout!

Today, thanks to unexpected phone calls and NYC-like traffic, I was left with only 45 of the 75 minutes needed to complete my swimming workout. This scenario generally leaves me with three options:

  1. Decide that the workout is lost – sulk and complain all the way home
  2. Get in the water. Complete the warm-up and the drill set.
    • Congratulate myself for working out despite the difficulty and ignore the fact that I completely skipped the pain of the main set.
  3. Modify the workout to emphasis the main-set and reduce the warm-up
    • Include drills only if time allows – at the end!

I figured Option #1 won’t work because I gave up complaining for lent (it’s not going well…).  Option #2 isn’t helpful because it will help me survive my adventure around Manhattan.  So, today’s workout is a result of Option #3.

Workout Focus: Time Efficient Open Water Workout


1 x 300 Freestyle/Choice Easy

1 x 300 IM Kick/Drill/Swim by 25

Main Set

6 x 250 on 3:40 or Rest = :20 sec – Descend 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6.

Maintain your stroke rate as you descend and use bilateral breathing.  This is 22 minutes and 30 seconds of hard work!  WORK IT!

4 x 150 Pull, Rest = :20 sec. Rotation! Rotation! Rotation!


1 x 200 easy kick/swim by 25

Total: 2800 yards

Optional Drill Set:  4 x 50 on 1:00  Heads-up Free/Free Swim by 25


Keep on Swimming,

Coach Meg


 Workout Focus: Time Efficient Open Water Workout!

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