Success of a Different Kind

No, that isn’t my car.  My car looks worse then that.

I was in a pretty bad car accident last Monday, October 31 – Halloween.  Due to a horribly freakish (fitting?) snowstorm there were a number of towns without power and a lot of streetlights that were not working.  I was on my way to teach one of my College swimming courses and was appropriately dressed in my Halloween costume (more on that later).  That being said, I was going straight and the other driver had a stop sign.  I’m not sure what came next, but I am sure the other car was suddenly in front of mine.  :::crunch:::

You know your an obsessive swimmer when your thoughts proceed in this order…

  • 1st: “That just happened….but I’ve had this car 13 days.”
  • 2nd: “The other driver looks as dumbfounded as me.”
  • 3rd: “I have to go to work!  I have to swim!”
  • 4th: “Wait. That’s the adrenaline talking. Call 911. Call mom.”

I was placed on backboard and took a ride with two very nice EMTs.  I am sure my mother will never forgive me for the sight of her daughter being whisked away in an ambulance.  Good ‘ol Irish Guilt.

My Halloween costume, which I was able to model for my ER nurse while she gave me a shot of some magical anti-inflammatory medicine, was the Dolphin Uglies Limited Edition Halloween Uglies Glinda (Click here for a picture!) and a bright pink witches hat.  Definition of Awesome.  You wish you had a bathing suit that Awesome.

Needless to say, I will not be competing this weekend and my competition goals will have to wait for a later date.  Instead, I will glory in the success of being healthy and happy despite the more unfortunate surprises life can bring.

Keep on Swimming,

Coach Meg












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