Tough and Muddy Goals for Thanksgiving

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Published on: November 24, 2011




Happy Thanksgiving!

As a swimming coach who is constantly looking for new-adverturous-crazy-awesome athletic endeavors, I figured there was no better time then this food-full holiday to sign up for my next challenge: The Tough Mudder.  Team Name: Extremely Muddy Situation

"OK," you ask,  "So...where's the swimming?"

Oh, don't worry.  There will be water involved.....along with teamwork, commitment, physical challenges and a test of overall physical fitness.  In a world that can sometimes get caught up on increased yardage and pounding more laps - I always attempt to find creative ways to push past obstacles and have fun while doing so.

Besides, how can ANY excuse to get TOTALLY dirty - ON PURPOSE - NOT be an awesome experience?!

As a friend and fellow Extremely Muddy Situation Teammate put it:

" Yeah!  Congrats on signing up for either the most challenging or stupidest thing you've ever done in your life"



April 29, 2012.....Bring. It. On.

Keep on Swimming,

Coach Meg


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